230 Lake Louise

230 Lake Louise
Welcome to the Sasnak channel. Come along with me as I travel the nations highways in a classic 2007 379 Pete with a custom 132″ ARI sleeper.


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230 Lake Louise
Bear at Lake Louise Camping Ground | Momma bear and cubs | July 2018
Close encounter with a mommy bear with two baby bears at Lake Louise Camping ground.

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Bear at Lake Louise Camping Ground | Momma bear and cubs | July 2018

13 thoughts on “230 Lake Louise”

  1. Was that an eagles nest on the bridge? Beautiful blue water like the Caribean. WOW, the mountains so pretty. Thanks for taking us along.

  2. As You are aware you’re in the tourist areas, there’s lots of beauty all over Alberta and BC that are not tourist attractions…..

  3. Hi Stan you gotta just look at the water this way their are alot of Vitamin's and Minerals that are in the water and copper and Iron I' m with you I prefer the Quiet rather than the Noise of the city life

  4. Glad you enjoyed the area. There is a parking area on the hwy towards banff, that is were a shuttle service will bring you to the village of Lake Louise and then another shuttle to take you to the Chateau where the lake is. I drive tour bus on the Icefield parkway 4 days of the week.

  5. It's stunning there at Lake Louise! How ironic 2 of my friends from PA/OH were just there the 4th, 5th! Now this is on my bucket list! Great video again! Thanks Stan!

  6. I am glad to seeing you enjoying the beauty that my home province has to offer! Its really too bad that you didnt get to see Lake Louise with your own eyes. Pictures just don't do it justice. Hopefully on your way back you get a chance to stop. Safe travels sir, and enjoy your trip! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us!

  7. The color of the water is most likely from the minerals that are in the rocks the water is flowing over. That is some beautiful scenery and looks like a great trip! Hope you are enjoying.

  8. Hang in there Stan another week /mid August everybody goes home well most. Tour buses keep rolling. So make sure you have food and fuel. Love your videos you have the nack to make us wish we were there. Good stories. Keep it rolling. ByeBye

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