Day 5 Emerald Lake & Lake Agnes Hike | Canada 2018

Day 5 Emerald Lake & Lake Agnes Hike | Canada 2018
We visit Emerald Lake and then do a 3 hour hike up to Lake Agnes!

We are on 20 night adventure around Canada visiting:
Lake Louise

We are travelling with our friends Dan and Faye, Party of Two, who also vlogged the trip, check it out:

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Day 5 Emerald Lake & Lake Agnes Hike | Canada 2018

4 thoughts on “Day 5 Emerald Lake & Lake Agnes Hike | Canada 2018”

  1. Guys, we're loving your vlogs from this trip. We watch every Disney trip you vlog, and this is a change of pace, it's so nice to see Canada and the beautiful places you visited. Wow, some of that scenery is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your vacation, we're looking forward to more of your vlogs. Happy November. 🙂

  2. Another great video guys look forward to the next one.Any plans of usa trip on the horizon maybe LA be cool.keep up the great work and i know you cant but a shout out to beach life would be amazing big ask i know.have fun x

  3. Great vlog, it is beautiful, glad you liked deer lodge in the end, I doubt many people take three cases haha! How lovely of you for picking up the hitchhiker! We have less the two weeks for our wdw trip now! Staying at the boardwalk, did you like the boardwalk?

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