6 thoughts on “Lake Louise Wind River Range”

  1. Brian, wish I'd known you were here. Would love to have visited for awhile. I go up there a lot since it's but a few miles from my house. You should see it in January!
    I'm a friend of Trudy's and no one said you were coming.

  2. Bryan, What advice do you have to avoid mosquitos here and along your scab creek trail trip a couple years ago? Should I go after mid-August?

  3. Some of my favorite times on a wilderness trip were the ones where we sorta lollygagged and covered a lot less distance than originally planned. My dad and I went on numerous BWCA trips where we ran into a lake on the first day with phenominal fishing, and we just hung out there all week, eating walleyes until we were sick of eating walleyes, haha.

  4. Hey Bryan, great video! I'll have to check this trail out next year. i like to photograph waterfalls and cascades. Looks like the parking lot is full. Did you see many hikers? looking forward to the rest of your Wyoming videos. take care…

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