Mt. Fairview — Lake Louise — Amazing Views

Mt. Fairview -- Lake Louise -- Amazing Views
We did Mt. Fairview and Saddle Mountain at Lake Louise on August 13th. This is just a steep hike with roughly 1000m elevation gain (9000′ high) to the top of Fairview.

Saddleback Pass is about 1 hour 15 minutes to reach. It took us 2 hours to summit. Once back down at Saddleback Pass we headed up Saddle Mountain which only took roughly 15 minutes from the pass. Great Views even with a little bit of smoke from the B.C. forest fires.

This is a great hike if you want to expend minimal effort for amazing surrounding views of some very Big Peaks and of course the Victoria Glacier. Great views of Big Beehive, Niblock, Whyte, Temple, and many others.

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Mt. Fairview — Lake Louise — Amazing Views

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  1. The views looked great. Nice worn path and some signage. I have a couple of weeks before I'm back in the Rockies. Thanks for sharing another great video.

  2. Another good video! Thanks. I've been wondering if it's worth getting up on something big with all the smoke. I went up Prairie last night just for some exercise, and I was coughing a little bit at the top. Were you affected by the air quality further west?

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