Spring Creek – Heart of Canmore, AB Canada

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Spring Creek Canmore’s finest real estate in the heart of downtown Canmore, Alberta, Canada, on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, gateway to Banff National Park.
Spring Creek - Heart of Canmore, AB Canada
Spring Creek – Heart of Canmore, AB Canada

Mia Mucci + Randi Wardle confess about their not so perfect Canadian Rockies living styles:

Canmore, Alberta, Canada

What are your Canmore confessions?
Canmore Confessions-  Ep.10
Canmore Confessions- Ep.10

4 thoughts on “Spring Creek – Heart of Canmore, AB Canada”

  1. Canmore… Where everyone looks like they're at base camp Everest. But really they're at the bagel co. Lol

  2. I cant drive down the road without being distracted by the enormous amounts of leggings walking around! i have to blare my music to distract me from the leggings….. THERE EVERYWHERE…..
    I turn left by ATB.
    I park at the legion when i go to my friends house.
    My dog dosnt listen to me when i call him, I still bring him to the dog park.
    I walk cougar creek after 11pm with my dog off leash.

    these are my confessions…….

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